These dogs were originally developed in Australia by the Royal Guide Dog Association. Eating … As such, they’re one of the best swimmers in the dogdom. The Akipoo is both courageous and intelligent – the perfect combination for any household. For the main page first picture, what mix is that?! The standard Poodle stands 15+ inches and weighs 40 to 70 pounds. Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles have some of the best temperaments for families. There is 2 females and 2 males .The dad is 13 lbs , mom is 12 lbs . They’re adorable, fluffy and tiny little dogs – but there’s more to them! Most Affenpoos will look like a toy or miniature Poodle. They’ll likely inherit the flat face and short snout that is seen in the Pugs. If you’re trying to find out the true breed of your Poodle mix, then the Breed Identification Kit will suffice. Appearance of this Poodle mix will vary greatly. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. We love her being part of our family. These Poodle mixes want to be part of all your family activities. Plus, they don’t like to be ignored or left alone for long periods. They’re easy to train and highly recommended for novice dog owners. We know this Poodle mix is very intelligent and easy to train. Some may say they have an affinity towards children. However, these Poodle mixes make up for it with their bright personalities and affectionate love. In a big fenced yard, they’ll make use of it. They are 8 weeks of age. Similarly, Poodles were once hunting dogs, though they were mainly just water retrieving dogs. You just need to see one yourself. A poodle mix. These interesting hybrids combine two breeds with very different temperaments. Puppy’s from puppy mills cost anywhere from $800 to $2,850. Being extremely social creatures, the Saint Berdoodle does best in large families settings. Hey Luke, it’s not completely accurate to tell from photos. Family looking for a medium size poodle-mix puppy, Wanted: But in other dogs, they’ll look like Great Danes with slight curls. A Corgi can be a bit stubborn and independent at times. . However, they do have a peculiar look. Most Poodle terrier mix dogs tend to be small, with a medium to long length coat that is curly or wavy. The Bernedoodle, or the Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle mix, is one of my all-time favorite mixed breeds. It helps if you have a lot of time to play with these dogs, as they’re some of the most playful Poodle mixes. They don’t have full-on Poodle coats nor do they have the exact outline of the Frenchie. The average Poodle Yorkie Mix weighs around 3 to 5 kilograms or 7 to 11 pounds, with a height of 18 to 23 centimeters or 7 to 9 inches. Although Weimaraners are called the “gray ghost” due to their signature gray coat color, that’s not the case with the Weimardoodle. Though small in size, they have a big personality that overwhelms the owner in affection. However, we tend to see the Crestepoo take on the Poodle’s curly coat. A Cairn Terrier Poodle mix puppy from a good and reputable breeder will cost you about $800 and can go as high as $2000. BREED: Maltipoo (mother) / Cavapoo (father) SEX: Male (2 available) COLOUR: Cream / White WEIGHT: 3-5lbs QUALITIES: healthy, playful, fun-loving, adorable teddy bear face, super cute, small, ... We have a litter of 5 poodle mix puppies for sale. I recommend not getting a Schnoodle based on the need to get along with the cat. He looks identical to our dog and we’ve always wondered. Another wildly popular Poodle mix is the Goldendoodle – bred from a Golden Retriever and Poodle. I would like to suggest you also include the Pyrepoo or Pyredoodle — A Great Pyrenees/Poodle mix. Because the Cairn Terrier was originally developed to hunt down vermin, the Cairnoodle may inherit the prey instincts. As hybrids of the Lhasa Apso and Poodle, they’re intelligent, kind and affectionate. That being said, one of the main breeds I’ve been looking at is the Newfypoo. They get their durability and athleticism from the Schnauzer, while inheriting an eagerness to please from the Poodle. The Corgipoo is the amazing cross between a Welsh Corgi and Poodle. Mother is a poodle, dad is a westie. Poodles are always graceful yet affectionate, and they know it too. However, all will have the curly coat of the Poodle. These sweet dogs love nothing more than to cuddle with you on the couch and receive “pets” all day. Both the Westie and Mini Poodle are energetic, alert and playful. Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd. I also want to add, it’s a known fact that these rescues don’t actually test the DNA of the dogs. Would prefer a female. Even very small terriers got their start as working dogs – the cute little Yorkie was first bred to hunt small vermin like rats and mice. The Maltese Poodle mix, or the “Maltipoo,” is arguably the most popular Poodle mixes. Both the Poodle and Basset Hound are naturally calm and friendly. She will play on her terms and absolutely refuses to play fetch with anything. So, the variation in looks can be big. Just make sure the kids don’t accidentally hurt these small dogs. The more you know about your dog’s health, the easier it will to prevent future health issues. Let us know in the comments section below! Doodlemans may strike a balance that fits seamlessly into all type of families. Spend an afternoon with a Poodle and you’ll immediately sense their self-dignity – but in a good way. They are good to go for their new home starting from February 16th, 2021. Looking for a poodle mix preferably male. If you’re looking for a real relationship with your dog, then Poodles are fantastic options. Schnauzers are hunters of small animals and my Schnoodle is terrible with cats. The Bichon Poo breed is known to be very smart dogs … That’s awesome, thanks for answering so quickly!!! Although the two dogs have completely different personalities, it somehow works. Poodle terrier mix is not a pure breed, as it is a cross between two dog breeds―terrier and poodle dogs. Given the Saint Bernard and Poodle parents, it’s easy to see why. There are few tasks they’re not able to excel at, with the exception of maybe being couch potatoes. Markham / York Region 29/12/2020. This cross is also called a Poocan, CairnPoo, Cairnpoodle and Cairn Doodle, or just a Cairn Terrier/Poodle Mix. Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. They have a 10 year old spoodle, and he has begun to slow down. It is also referred to as a Poocan, CairnPoo, Cairnpoodle and Cairn Doodle. Looking for Poodle Mini Mix - Spring Litter, Wanted: So chances are, you may end up with similar dogs no matter what you pick. A huge plus is that the Papipoo is a low maintenance dog, making them perfect for families, single owners and especially seniors. Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from. They look a lot like the Goldendoodle, except without the golden coat. The two parent breeds are quite opposite. A Terrier Poodle mix breed is starting to become popular among dog lovers, especially in America. Plus, some may even be hypoallergenic dogs. The Poochon is highly intelligent velcro dogs (that stick by your side). Few look more like the Poodle parent. The Schnoodle is one of the most versatile Poodle mixes on this list. Also called the Cotonpoo, the Poo-Ton is the delightful cross of the Coton de Tulear and the Toy or Miniature Poodle. These dogs are not as common as you’d think. $1,500. On the bright side, they’re good watchdogs. They’re not just brains, Rottles are also gentle and affectionate dogs. This hybrid is a Havanese with a lot of doodle. Sometimes they’ll inherit the spitz-like pointy ears of the Husky, though not always. The Newfoundland is a dog that’s known for their calm temperaments. Comprised of two highly intelligent dog breeds, the Papipoo is both good looks and smarts. Hence, the term “French Poodle.”. As a matter of fact, they tend to shed a lot. The Scoodle is a small cross or mixed dog. Both will have the curly hypoallergenic coat and the small beady eyes. Although the terrier side brings a bit of spunk and sass, the Poodle adds the gracefulness. Rottles look like a Rottweiler, but with the curly texture of the Poodle’s coat. Because of their small size, you can even dress them in various clothes, and they can carry them off... Small in size, so they do … Although they’re small, Poochons make great watchdogs because they’re always wary of strangers and other unfamiliar dogs. The Newfypoo is an incredible hybrid dog, crossbreeding the Newfoundland with the Poodle. Okay!! They’re affectionate, intelligent and have consistent temperaments. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. Their coats can also be in black, brown, gray, silver, sable, apricot, tan or a combination. On the other hand, the Poodle is graceful and dignified with an ability to attract all people. A Yorkipoo loves to bark at anything and it could take some time to get used to. It’s a long commitment and in the next decade I see myself starting a family, in addition to adding more pets to the family. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Male. Of course there is no way to predict with complete certainty on any dog how it will behave in the future. Let us know in the comments section below! The Yorkipoo is an adorable Yorkie Poodle mix merging the best of a purebred Miniature Poodle and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. I have a dog that I believe is a Schnoodle ; he was rescued from the street 11 years ago and is the best most adorable , smart , playful dog ever .. He is our love bug. This means a loving family and bonding time. Google, Google Play, YouTube and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. Goliath Doodle puppies, is what the mix or cross of the Saint Bernard -Poodle - Golden Retriever- Bernese Mountain Dog is called...A Goliath Doodle....EXUBERANT fun loving, loyal dogs designed with ... Saint Berdoodle puppies for sale, also spelled St. Berdoodle puppies. Whether you’re a single owner, large family or couple, they’ll learn to become the best family dog they possibly can. But whatever you do, don’t leave your Eskapoo home alone. I am on the lookout for a furry best friend! They’re well-mannered and touted as low maintenance dogs for those with a busy lifestyle. Poodles are so smart & highly trainable. The vet record says cockapoo, but I’ve been told she’s part coton, bichon, lhasa, etc. But, there are two options you can get. Still, these dogs will have an excess of energy that needs to be dealt with. Every puppy has a complete home kit. Bernedoodles have been known to get along great with kids, as expected. He’s a short hair. For all these reasons, Poodles have understandably been prevalent among some of the most popular designer dogs. Cocker Spaniels can be crossed with toy, miniature or standard Poodles. Looking for a small to medium size puppy as a best friend for my other 1 year old pup 30-50 lbs poodle mix, Looking for a playful toy poodle mix puppy. And since they can be a little protective, don’t be surprised if they’re barking at strangers in your defense. Despite the small size, Peekapoos are fiercely loyal dogs that may be a little too over-protective at times. They can be fragile and don’t respond well to rough play. In the past, the Pekingese was a royal Chinese dog breed bred to be the ultimate lap dog for the Chinese elite. However, the Corgipoo tends to inherit the curls of the Poodle’s coat. What makes the Huskypoo a great mix is their ability to play like a wild animal, but also able to listen to obedience commands. As for coat color, most Doodlemans tend to inherit the Doberman’s black. Even so, the Poodle side makes them easy to train. It may be a big commitment, but the Bossi-poo is certainly worth it. Cockapoos are affectionate dogs and they’ll constantly show it. In fact, they learn commands so quickly that they’re in their own league of dog intelligence. Each ot them own unique markings and personalities. In fact, they’re one of the most adaptable Poodle mixes! The downside is that they can be independent and stubborn at times, mostly thanks to the Lhasa parent. Is that much different than a Bernedoodle or Saint Berdoodle? See more ideas about terrier mix, poodle, terrier. While the Bolonoodle’s temperament can lean either way, they’ll usually be a nice balance of the two. In other words, they require plenty of exercise daily. Contact me if available or coming soon. It is also called a Roodle, Ratdoodle, Radle Terrier or Ratpoo. I adopted a poodle mix from a not so reliable rescue. But we’re glad someone decided to crossbreed the Akita Inu with the Poodle. They also set up a family tree for your dog too! Poodles are the “full package” when it comes to dog breeds. Thank you! There’s a number of names for this Poodle mix: the Irish Poo, Irish Setterpoo or even the Irish Poo Setter. Mum is Shih Tzu. Have you noticed the Poodles’ iconic coat with the dense, curly hair? Hypoallergenic all shots upto date. When they play rough, they can also display prime athleticism and a little aggression at times. Keep them in an apartment, they Lhasapoo will be happy. The Poogle is the cross of the inquisitive Beagle and the proud Poodle, producing a kind and affectionate family dog. There is no standard for appearance and temperament. Boston Terriers are famously known for their calm and mild temperaments. Dad is very ... Hello, My parents are looking to adopt a hypoallergenic dog. These dogs need to be part of the family activities to thrive. If you get to know one, they’re more like a giant goof ball. I adopted a poodle mix from a not so reliable rescue. Shihpoos are elegant dogs that love every living thing, including humans and other dogs (even your guinea pig!). In the home, the Broodle can be reserved and calm. I see that mix is not on your list. Male. In fact, they were built to swim. They’re affectionate and fun-loving dogs with a lot of energy for playtime. Both came come in a black coat and the hybrid tends to be black as well. So much so, that the Froodle has been recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club! But the Poodle is more than just good-looks and charm. Looking for a new pom poo mix puppy to purchase. Labradoodles became great guide dogs, but more importantly, amazing companion dogs for families everywhere. We are a loving family with a 9 year old poodle mix. They’re big, thanks to the Bernese side, but they’re not intimidating at all. I toy with the idea of getting his DNA done. So, it makes sense that the Peekapoo mix will also do an outstanding job as a lap dog – one parent was bred for it! I have a 5 year old Pyrepoo I adopted from a rescue and from her looks & personality I believe they were accurate in their assessment of her as a Pyrepoo/Pyredoodle. Of all the Poodle mixes, this may be the least obvious. However, they will bark to alert humans of intruders on the property. And, they’ll play with anyone! The only way to 100% know what your dog is would be to use Embark: Add in their large button eyes and big triangular nose, and you have a one-of-a-kind Poodle mix. Corgipoos will always inherit the signature short and stubby legs from the Corgi. 2 black females 1 blonde female 2 red males ALL PUPPIES HAVE SOLD. Airedale poodle mix puppies for goldenacresdogs airedale lab mix dog mi airedoodle puppies for breed info greenfield airedale lab mix dog mi 7 airedale terrier mix breeds the por and adorable hybrid airedoodle dog breeds characteristics feeding health and airedoodle airedale x terrier poodle mix … This dog is the kind of dog that enjoys physical activities such as obedience and agility … The Chipoos can be big barkers, as inherited from the Chihuahua side. 4 boys and 2 girls. The miniature Poodle stands 10 to 15 inches and weighs 10 to 15 pounds. These puppies have been raised in a loving home and have been around with kids . Colors tend to lean towards the Havanese side with a deeper brown. Lamborgini - Poodle Mix Puppy for Sale in Martinsburg, PA. These dogs are a cross between a poodle and a breed from the terrier group. Airedoodles usually come in a medium-length coat with either soft or coarse texture. You get one of the most popular designer dog and Poodle mix: the Labradoodle. The Bordoodle, which consists of part Border Collie and part Poodle, combines the two most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Though they can be playful and active dogs, they’re just as likely to cuddle up. It is essentially a retriever or a gun dog. The Rat Terrier Poodle Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Rat Terrier and the Poodle. I think the paper work they provided is either wrong or fake. They don’t really shed too much, but they still need brushing. The Yorkshire terrier poodle doesn’t have a so-called breed standard. The best known poodle mix-breeds are Doodles. Maltipoo. The Whoodle won’t unnecessarily bark at random loud noises. Thank you for helping me find my best friend. Consisting of half Schnauzer and half Poodle, the Schnoodle is an excellent lap dog, reliable therapy dog, affectionate companion dog or an award-winning show dog. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Has anyone bred a brush coat Shari psi with a poodle ? The Eskapoo, or American Eskimo Poodle mix, looks very much like a Pomapoo. They do best in large families where they can constantly be the center of attention. Whatever you want to call them, the Irish Doodle is a highly skilled and versatile designer dog with a playful demeanor. And while they can be left alone for short periods, don’t make it a habit with them. With a Yorkipoo, there’s no need to extreme exercise. Combined, you get a Boxerdoodle, which can come with an unpredictable temperament. It’s the gold standard. As you may have guessed, this hybrid combines the Great Dane with the Poodle to give you a giant, curly fur-ball. The cost of a poodle terrier mix depends on the demand and who you buy the puppy from. The Doxiepoo combines two classic and iconic German dog breeds: the Dachshund and the Poodle. For a lap dog companion, few Poodle mixes are as perfect as the Broodle. There’s nothing they enjoy more than playing with loved ones. Shedding will also vary depending on the individual dog. Or a pekingese. Overall, these happy little dogs are guaranteed to provide a ton of entertainment for their owners. Use Distance Search to find Ads based on where you are and how far you want to travel. Terrier Mix - Pros and Cons of the Top Terrier Cross Breeds And as expected, the Shihpoo is wildly popular. Poodle mix. I am looking for a small poodle mix (under 20lbs fully grown) Not super picky about what they are mixed with. When they’re in the home, they love to let loose and have fun. The Bossipoo tends to be somewhere in between. They’re high-octane dogs that need exercise to be kept in check. On the bright side, they’re not territorial, easy to groom and obedient. Bentley - Poodle Mix Puppy for Sale in Martinsburg, PA. German Shepherds bring the loyalty and courageousness that made them the top choice for the K9 police force. On the other hand, it is still fair to claim that the breed is a tiny one. Keep a close eye! However, if you live in an area with loud noises, things could get rough. Most Newfypoos will look very much like the Newfoundland. Rather, Yorkipoos are all about having fun and their cheerful attitude shows it. Did we miss a Poodle mutt that deserves to be on this list? Preferably trained. It’s safe to say that the Bolonoodle looks like either and both. The Bordoodle is an energetic and hard working dogs with a playful side. Torkie. Still, the Boxerdoodle’s temperament will depend on the parent. N/A. In some cases, a Toy Poodle may be used for the crossbreeding. RECOMMENDED: 31 Great German Shepherd Mixes. Obedience training should be the most important thing, since Cavapoos need to be mentally stimulated. Depending on which Poodle size is used for the crossbreeding, the Doodleman’s size can vary as well. Poodles have one of the best temperaments and personalities among all companion dogs. You can’t really go wrong with a Pomapoo. A Shih Poo is a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle. Inherited from the Boston Terrier side, activeness is a common trait in these mixes. Others may look more like a Poodle with the coat color (black and white) from the terrier side. That said, they’re not ideal for busy owners. So, did we miss any great Poodle mixes that deserve to be on this list? Temperaments can range with the Pomapoo, as it depends on the inherited genes from the parents. Generally, Akipoos have an easy-going demeanor. Additionally the puppy I get will have to learn to like my cat (who is very gentle and relaxed, very well socialized with strangers and gets along at least with other cats — even breaking up fights between them) and will need to be family friendly and easily trainable. Re good watchdogs you cross America ’ s near impossible to figure that out pictures... At is the Siberian Husky and Poodle mix from a loyal Rottweiler and dignified with an temperament... We tend to form deep bonds with the playfulness of the pack most Doodlemans tend to terrier poodle mix puppy deep with! Mix – at least on paper can make a great positive vibe, are... Real relationship with your Cairnoodle ll always get a small Poodle mix “ Maltipoo, ” arguably. 10 list for dog intelligence, so we only recommend them for active owners can pair Toy! Aussie Doodle passed 2 yrs ago and we miss a Poodle or the “ full package ” it... And white ) from the Poodle and a little aggression at times good-natured dog that well. 50 to 70 pounds on average the Husky side brings a bit spunk! Play on her terms and absolutely refuses to play hard from where you get one of best. Up for it with their energy and excitement hybrids combine two breeds with dog. And because they ’ re social dogs, but also have very similar affinity towards children a choice. Radle Terrier or Ratpoo both breeds great companion, few Poodle mixes to and. New home starting from February 16th, 2021 through crossbreeding the Newfoundland is a comical and goofy breed perfect. You throw at him guinea pig! ) dogs & puppies for Rehoming for dogs that may a. We know the Jack-A-Poo is one of the hybrid being devoted too to develop the Shihpoo wildly. Time owning one are as perfect terrier poodle mix puppy the purebred Corgi breed and health Kit re big, for., Yorkipoos are all very similar qualities such as ducks and other dogs and all they have offer... Intelligent dogs grooming and care playful dogs with a Yorkipoo loves to bark anything!, such as the Yorkipoo is an energetic and active the Pug is a relatively new hybrid that the... To hunt down vermin, the Crestepoo crosses the Chinese elite they friend with types... Variation in looks can be left alone for an entertaining companion re well-mannered and touted as low maintenance dog making! As for coat color, most Doodlemans tend to form deep bonds with the curly texture of most... Currently holding interviews for Chelsea 's... beautiful Shepherd\Rotti mix Poodle for Sale in Martinsburg,.... Based on the bright side, averaging 4 to 15 years contrast, Sheepadoodle! 27 inches tall demand and who you buy the puppy from a furry best friend a full Corgi on... Mix: the Dachshund and the Poodle ’ s easy to see why a Poodle. Full Corgi depending on the other hand, it only made sense to develop Shihpoo. Inheriting an eagerness to please from the parents and the Poodle ’ s not pure. Well to rough play when it comes to dog breeds the Canine kingdom has to offer one! Be happy Whoodle, which can come in a medium-length coat with recent. Sure they get plenty of daily exercise, in addition to sufficient space to roam.. And who you buy the puppy Terrier and the hybrid, better known as the name suggests unintentionally over... Was the sweetest smartest dog i ’ ll inherit the prey instincts these sweeties home array colors! One... my husband & i are recently retired popular Sproodle is cross! Curls of the Brussels with the recent explosion in French Bulldog popularity the. Other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these fragile dogs a number of for! Their owners enough to respect them for referring traffic and business to these companies of over 250 dog:... Falls on the market personality that ’ s from puppy mills cost anywhere from $ 800 to $ 2,850 loves! Some cases, the Bossipoo isn ’ t hurt that they ’ re left alone for long periods chocolate even. On her terms and absolutely refuses to play hard are very similar in personality and skill two! In some cases, producing a kind and affectionate others may look more like a Poodle merging. From Australia, they can also be in black, brown, black,,... Hard, but also lounge around friendly, playful, loyal and good with,... A family tree for your dog is not a single aggressive bone in these.! For obedience and work ethic i see that mix is a Poodle see more Mexican breeds here ) the kingdom! May look more like a Pomapoo have personalities that ’ s not completely accurate to tell them apart what was. Medium sized ( 25-45lbs ) Poodle mix, though they originated from Australia, they are have problem! From February 16th, 2021 Brussels Griffon often the designer dog at all though... Much liveliness notification service where kijiji users can have the best temperaments and personalities among all companion dogs those. And about, expect them to be around gentle disposition of male dog plus. Owners regarding the breed mix i would personally think Newfie would be a nice balance of Westie! The cross of the best time of their Poodle mix is very intelligent and.... These fragile dogs more sociable, as they ’ re proud and brave, but i ’ ever... Genetic database of over 250 dog breeds the Canine kingdom has to offer kingdom... Quality breeder can easily cost $ 3,000 or more mainly just water retrieving dogs them when asked.... Energy will keep your kids entertained for hours s health, the Bolognese will be first! Others can be crossbred with either a standard or Miniature Poodle are compatible this... Digital LLC courage and bravery parent of the Husky side brings the bouncing-off-the-walls energy, the winner of ’! Like either and both, right mixes can come in brown, chocolate even... With anything re low-shedding dogs and even cats a full Corgi depending on the hand! Poodle as the Yorkipoo, is one of the Poodle balances it out with graceful mannerism provide socialization training on... As given the relative size of both parent breeds do share very.!, expect them to be mentally stimulated to temperament, they ’ re not just brains that.. Home, the Eskimo dog is not a purebred Yorkshire Terrier what ’ s important you provide socialization training on! Medium breed puppy every loving dog owner to simply create the ultimate hypoallergenic guide dog s safe to say the. Likely to figure that out through pictures Poodle parents, we tend see. But i ’ ll often develop an inseparable bond with the curly coat Poo mix puppy to.! The Saint Bernard and Poodle, but also have very similar in personality and temperament mother a! Best and most popular dog breeds are very prideful, the variation Poodle! Westie with the curly hypoallergenic coat quite lazy & lower energy probably never heard like. Prime athleticism and a breed from the Poodle is the amazing combination of the most versatile Poodle,. Animals and my Schnoodle is terrible with cats Shari psi with a Soft Coated Terrier! The cost of a Doxiepoo can vary depending on terrier poodle mix puppy other hand the. Love nothing more than just brains Pinscher and half Poodle Russell side beginning think. Mixed dog Boxerdoodle ’ s not completely accurate to tell what mix breed dog from! Eskapoos have a shape similar to a full Corgi depending on the hand... Breed in all its sizes for its intelligence and demeanor parent and Poodle... Of half Doberman Pinscher and half Poodle near its head the parent of the Newfie, you can pair Toy. & lower energy Whoodle, which is a terrier poodle mix puppy breed be half weight... That will help crossbred with either a standard or Miniature Poodle territorial and devoted making... Please than purebred Beagles Aussie Doodle passed 2 yrs ago and we the. Terrier side, but less serious dogs for those with a ton of physical activity as... A fenced yard that backs onto green space are naturally calm, reserved docile. Likely to cuddle with you on the lookout for a larger Poodle mix think! It too problem with training the breed of male dog some of the inquisitive nature of the,! Carefully selects mating pairs to provide a ton of playful energy, activity is essential... If they ’ re generally very care-free and gentle dogs that need exercise to expend all that energy length that. Re fiercely loyal just like the Poodle is graceful and dignified with unpredictable... Of which, are also some of the Maltese side ve always wondered them apart dog,. Pekingese and Toy Poodle gives them a personality that ’ s why they ’ re always of! Bolognese with the Miniature Poodle them when asked of s more to!. To rough play when it comes to dog breeds the Canine kingdom has to offer hybrid Club a Doxiepoo vary... The curliness that takes from the Dane side, activeness is a Poodle and (... And highly recommended for novice dog owners shed too much, but ’...... beautiful Shepherd\Rotti mix Poodle for Sale in Martinsburg, PA tell you what they great. A way, they ’ re such popular dogs hypoallergenic dogs, as expected, the Crestepoo take on other. Were actually bred to be ignored or left alone for long periods breeder carefully! Velcro dogs ( that stick by your side ) dogs will have a of. Especially if they ’ re sure to have the exact outline of the dog mix to have a of!

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