You LOVE that band! This Accurate Quiz Tells You, Ultimate Disney Trivia Quiz. if (document.my_form.a68701.value == 0) { What birth order personality do you have? Votre petit chat est mort ce matin... Aime tu les poney bleus ? Take this quiz and become the best in you! This accurate quiz can discover your Pokemon just by 18 simple questions. } 90% Or Less? "What pokémon are you" quiz. You do not like loneliness at all, and you always want to spend time with your friends. Your email address will not be published. Sushi. You are as playful as Pikachu, but you go wild if anyone tries to hurt you. It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone. If you have these characteristics, your personality type should be ESFP. Quel musique preferes-tu ? Possible options include Pikachu, Charizard, Alakazam, and several more. We'll first have to determine which type of Pokemon you're most like. In a cave. Search | Create Quiz | Create Story | Waiting Room; Category: Other. But … Created by Mew Drawer On Mar 29, 2017 Where would you most likely live? Comment te decris-tu physiquement ? Which type did you find fascinating in the 'which Pokémon type are you' quiz? Thus, these creatures have many fans, and children or sometimes adults think of themselves as one of these characters. Here are some examples of these test questions and results: You are Mew. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends. Pokémon Evolutions - 1st Generation. If you wanted to have superhuman power, what would you want it to be? For a refreshing change of pace, you find yourself as a Pokémon instead. The name “Pokémon” is the abbreviation of “Pocket Monsters” (ポ ケ ッ ト モ ン ス タ ー Poketto Monsutā), the name of the series in Japan. How Well Do You Know Him/Her? what pokemon should you have Take this quiz! I'm pretty weak to be honest. You wake up to discover you’ve been turned into a Pokémon in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX game for the Nintendo Switch system. Ones that can take a few hits. Pokémon that you've used for a while in-game. Can You Score 70%? Pikachu is very kind and stands for all the goodness in Anime. Wanna find out about the pokemon you've been picked as? Only Experts Can Score More Than 75%. if (document.my_form.a68705.value == 0) { 18 Simple Questions Reveal Your Pokemon. What kinds of Pokémon do you primarily tend to like? my_alert = my_alert + "• 'What is most important to you? The more … Learn more about this Pokémon in the Pokédex! This 100% accurate quiz reveals it, Amazing NBA quiz only 40% of real fans can pass, Stranger Things Quiz – Just Real Fans Score 80%, Amazing Naruto Quiz. Do you know what kind of Pokemon you are? … Well, if you want to know, take my quiz right now! In an aquatic submarine. } If you’re searching for ‘Which legendary Pokémon are you? my_alert = my_alert + "• 'If you were attacked, what would you do? byBeano Quiz Team. 1/10. Obsessed with travel? And th…, How well do you know your best friends. You’re kind to your friends, but occasionally you get rude and angry with them. This then brings the notion that ALL Pokemon should be able to talk, not just a certain jewel cat species (but seriously!). You are a shy and quiet person. QuizExpo is an entertainment and educational website based on quizzes. After Nintendo’s Mario series, Pokémon is the most popular video game-based media product in the world. Terraria Quiz; Which Pokemon are you? Attention, derniere question, que penses-tu de Nix One of its extraordinary abilities is making itself invisible and going from place to place. Find out with this fantastic quiz! '\n"; You can be anyone of my 30 favorite Pokemon. '\n"; Because while they might be "pocket monsters," Pokemon all have human attributes. This quiz will give you the name of pokemon team you belong to. This Quiz Will Determine What Your Pokémon Life Would Be Like. For each Pokémon character, name the real-life thing they most resemble. Only 10% genius Pokemon players can guess the hidden Pokemon. Would you be the very best, like no one ever was? You’re hot and usually like to be hugged or caressed. Ilvermorny House Quiz. 13 Comments. In a forest. Comment passez-vous le nouvel an ? Pokémon quizzes are exciting and enjoyable, and you can find out which character you look like by playing them. Would it be water, fire, dragon or even fairy? for (var i=0; i This 100% Reliable Quiz Tells You, Am I Bipolar? Your answer will tell you which Pokemon you're most similar to. For most such quizzes, the answers you give "vote" for a certain character, and the one that gets the most votes wins. You see people stealing from someone! - Q1: First of all, what's your favorite element? If you don't know what kind of Pokemon you like or want to use, then take this quiz and find out the result. Put your Pokémon knowledge to the test! You are fun, loyal, and a bit of a jerk when you want to … if (document.my_form.a68706.value == 0) { document.getElementById(my_key).style.borderColor="gray"; When it gets wet, its skin changes color, and this Pokémon becomes invisible as if it were camouflaged. Simply answer these 12 questions and we'll tell you! What's your favourite dinner? Special Feature. You can take this quiz to find out which Pokémon type from the game matches your answers most closely! But that still leaves one important question: If Pokémon … if (document.my_form.a68684.value == 0) { A healthy salad . Question 4/12 You are having a heated disagreement with someone. Sure we have all boasted about our Pokemon knowledge in the past, but now it's time to put it to the ultimate test! Have you ever wondered which Pokemon are you? You’re more concerned about your buddies than your concerns and problems. Which Pokemon Are You? document.getElementById(my_key).style.backgroundColor="white"; Are You Smart Enough To Score 80%? Near the beach. result = false; Take this quiz! else { Have you ever wondered which Pokemon are you? How is your relationship with your friends? Gotta catch 'em all! Once the quiz … What character are you from the Marauders-era? 100% Accurate Sorting Test, Which BTS Member Are You? How well do you know the characters? my_alert = my_alert + "• 'Any last thoughts? Every Pokemon Trainer loves to catch 'em all, but sometimes it can be hard to get all of the Legendary Pokemon. What kind of Pokemon would you have quiz. Play a little Pokemon Go, watch the anime, and of course take this type quiz. And what kind of Pokémon are you? } What … Are you a seme or an uke? Ones that have been valuable to you in competitive battling. We'll then break it down again to see which individual Pokemon you would get along with so well, you'd want to catch it for yourself. Only Geniuses Can Score 80%. Questions. What we mean by this is figuring out whether you're more of a fire, or if you're more like a water-type. What Pokemon team would you have? Find your body type 100% accurately, What is my spirit animal? if (document.my_form.a68714.value == 0) { } This one has more possibilities, each answer adding one to a certain personality, and then you … Take this quiz! 1,520,619 takers. You can do anything, and it always helps you to succeed. Have fun! Tu arrives devant chez toi quand soudain tu te rends comptes que tu n'as pas tes cles... Un animal prefere ? This accurate quiz can discover your Pokemon just by 18 simple questions. Best Friend Quiz. Anime & Manga TV Pokemon Personality Pokemon Report. You like all of them, really. '\n"; Amazing Minecraft Quiz For Its Superfans. Of course, we have the favorites like Pikachu and Squirtle in this quiz. If you have these characteristics, your personality type should be ENFP. Are you more Pikachu or Scorbunny? 1. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I know there's a lot of "what pokémon are you" quizzes around, and even more "what so-and-so are you" quizzes, but this one's a little different. Like Mew, you are brilliant, and you quickly learn everything. What kind of person are you? What Pokemon Type Best Suits Your Personality? Amazing US History Quiz. result = false; document.getElementById(my_key).style.backgroundColor="#e3ece9"; Then just take this quiz, don't worry, I don't bite. Maybe you are a legendary Pokemon? In this personality quiz, we’ll see what kind of Pokémon you are, and how you would make an impact to your strange, new world. START. It was just a short description of two famous characters. result = false; In this quiz, we are going to be presenting everyone with "would you rather" styled questions, that all happen to revolve around Pokemon and the world they live in.